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Introduction to Floral Watercolour workshop


This three hour workshop is a perfect fit for beginning watercolour artists or for those looking to find a different approach to their skills. 

The workshop will start off by going through materials and which brushes and supplies you will need to start with. After this you will not be feeling overwhelmed when choosing art supplies or waste money on buying things you don’t need. 

We will then cover tips and techniques for brush strokes, creating basic shapes, colour theory and blending. Once we’ve gone through this material, we will incorporate structuring basic shapes into florals! Norah will go over which brushes to use in order to form leaves, berries, roses and more! With layering, shading, wet-on-wet painting, and other techniques. 

From $75

What You’ll learn

  • Knowledge of watercolour and paint as a medium

  • Introduction to materials & tools 

  • Basic watercolour palette

  • Basic watercolour techniques

  • Painting by observing still live objects or reference photos

  • Creating your own masterpiece